Assistant Station Master (ASM)

  • Job profile: ASM will be the in charge of running of trains at a station. He operates the signals, ensures that everything goes as per the rules laid out. He will be working in shifts. Big stations may have more than one ASM.
  • Career path :
    Assistant Station Master ->
    Station Master ->
    Station Supt. ->
    Assistant Operations Manager->
    Divisional Operations Manager ->

25%  of  the  vacancies in  the  category  of  Station  Masters  (GP 4200) will  be  filled  by  induction  of  Traffic  Apprentices  of  which  15%  will  be  from  the  open  market  through  the  Railway  Recruitment  Boards  and  10%  from  amongst  the  serving  (non-Ministerial)  graduates  through  limited  Departmental  Competitive  Examinations. (Ref 1)

Recruitment(Ref 1)

  • 60%  of vacancies will be filled by  direct  recruitment  through  Railway Recruitment Boards(RRB).
  • 15%  by  Limited  Departmental  Competitive  Examination(LDCE)  from  amongst  group  C  &  D  staff  of  Operating  and  Commercial  departments  with  an  upper  age  limit  of  45  years  (50  years  in  the  case  of  SC/ST)  and  qualification  of  Graduation  subject  to  the  condition  that  Group  D  staff  have  rendered  a  minimum  of  5  years  regular  Railway  Service.  Shortfall  in 15% LDCE  quota  may be made  good  by  direct  recruitment.
  • 25%  by  general  selection  from  amongst  employees  possessing  the  qualification  of  Matriculation  and  working  as  Shunting  Masters,  Cabinmen  I,  Switchmen,  Sr.  Signallers  and  Sr.  Train  Clerks  and  Leverman  Gr.I,  Pointsman  Gr.I,  Shuntman  Gr.I  Cabinman  Gr.II  and  Train  Clerks  with upper  age  limit  of  45  years  (50  years  in  the  case  of  SC/ST).  Shortfall against the  quota  may be made  good  by  direct  recruitment.
  • Qualification : Degree from recognized university or equivalent.
    Diploma in Rail Transport & Management, Transport Economics, Multimodal Transport (Containerization) awarded by Institute of Rail Transport, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi will be additional desirable qualification.  (Ref 1)
  • Selection Process : Written Examination (in two stages –preliminary and final) followed by Aptitude Test and Document Verification.
  • Salary and other perks
    (i) Pay Scale 5200 – 20200
    (ii) Grade Pay 2800
    (iii) Initial Pay 8560
    (iv) Total Pay (i) + (ii ) 11360
  • Other Allowances depend on various conditions and hence cant be stated uniformly. Other major allowances include :
    Transport Allowance
    House Rent Allowance(if not provided with quarters
  • Deductions from salary include 10% of total Pay towards New Pension scheme.